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Working from home might sound like a great idea in theory. There's no frustrating commute with morning traffic, your schedule is a lot easier to manage, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your own space. Unfortunately, it's easy to find that once you get started, your well-planned day can fall apart easily. There are a lot of potential distractions at home, so it's important to make sure that your workspace will provide you with everything you need, especially an environment where you can focus. Here are four tips to help create a home office space at your Olympus Property home that will increase your productivity and allow you to finish the day's work without distractions.


It's best to keep your work life and your home life as divided as possible. If you can, set up your home office in its own room, and spend time there only when you are working. This will provide a quiet, uninterrupted space to be productive in. It will also help reduce the temptation to do other activities you'd usually do in your household, like sitting down to watch an episode of your new favorite show or going to the kitchen to get a snack. It would also be a good idea to make sure you have everything you need for a day's work first thing, so you don't have to wander through the rest of the house to find supplies and end up falling prey to distraction.


If you can set your desk or workstation up next to a window, then you'll find that it is easier to remain alert and productive throughout the day. Daylight can help reduce headaches and eye strain, especially if you are reading a lot or looking at a screen for long periods of time. If you can't set up next to a window, then try to make sure your lights are on the "cool" side rather than being "warm." Basically, warm lights include more of the red spectrum of light while cool lights tend to be on the blue side. Your brain correlates these different types of lighting with different times of day, and cool lighting gives your mind the impression that it is early in the day and time to get things done.


It might seem like a good idea to limit any extra decorations or personal touches in your workspace, but a bland office will have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve. Keep in mind that you will be spending large amounts of time in your office therefore it should be a comfortable place to be. A nicely decorated room will be easier to stay in than an empty, boring room. While clutter should be avoided, adding a bit of flair to the room will make it feel like your own.


If you use a computer or just sit at a desk a lot, you're going to want to make sure that you have a comfortable chair. A cheap desk chair will leave you with an aching back and a loss of focus. While a cheap chair might be good for your wallet, you may want to invest some extra money in a good seat. The better support for your back, the better you'll feel and the more you can get done. It is also recommended that you take a break to stretch every once in a while as well.

Overall, a home office should be comfortable but limited in interruptions. A quiet, undisturbed space is best. Creating a room that is customized for your work needs and allows you to focus will allow you to accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently, hopefully freeing up time to do other things that you love. For additional decor tips, check out our blog or feel free to contact us.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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