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    As individuals and as a company, our team members strive to show how much we care about the local communities where we live and work. Because our residents are our neighbors, it's important to us that the Olympus Property community is more than just a place to live. Our community outreach in local areas allows us to address the concerns of individual communities and our team members feel good about volunteering their time to make their communities a great place to live.

    We encourage team members to seek opportunities to contribute to the community by supporting their efforts with time, donations, and extra hands. Our team members find meaningful ways to give to their communities by walking, building, supporting and cheering on local troops and non-profit organizations.


    Olympus Property recognizes our obligation, through greater awareness and education, that it is important to do our part to help protect and enhance the environment. We continue to strive to be at the forefront of our industry in being a green company. Olympus Property’s green efforts focus on conserving at the corporate level and at our existing apartment communities by educating our associates, residents, clients and visitors on ways to do so.

    Olympus Property has made a commitment to protecting the environment through sustainable development and operations to conserve natural resources and create healthy places to live and work.


    Energy Efficiency

    • Energy-efficient appliances
    • Sub-metering of utilities resulting in lower energy and water bills

    Responsible Land Use

    • Higher population density; therefore, use less land than other forms of housing
    • Specialization in difficult in-fill and re-development projects to decrease land use
    • Close proximity to mass transit lines, reducing or eliminating the need for individual car transport

    Conservation of Natural Resources

    • Online leasing, online service requests and online payments to reduce the use of paper
    • Water conservation focus and re-use projects to reduce stress on local water systems
    • Controls on irrigation to reduce water consumption
    • Information rich website designed to reduce requests for paper brochures



    • Set the refrigerator temperature between 36 to42 degrees. Set the freezer temperature between -5 to +6 degrees. Don’t set the temperature colder than needed.
    • Defrost manual defrost units regularly.

    Stoves/ Ovens

    • Resist the urge to open the oven during baking items. Every time you open the oven, the temperature drops up to 25 degrees and requires additional energy to bring the temperature to the original setting.
    • Turn the stove “cook top”- off a few minutes before the food has completed cooking. Retained heat finishes the job using less energy.
    • Begin cooking on a higher setting until liquid begins to boil. Then, lower temperature and simmer the food until fully cooked.


    • Instead of using a range use your toaster oven, slow cooker or electric skillet for special items.
    • Microwave ovens shorten cooking times, which saves electricity.
    • Clean filters on humidifiers, vacuums, exhaust hoods, etc.
    • Run cold water for disposal.


    • Use natural lighting. Open curtains and blinds during the day instead of using lighting.
    • Use single, high-watt bulbs. Using one high-watt light bulb instead of multiple low-watt bulbs saves energy. (Don’t exceed manufacturer’s recommended wattage for fixtures)
    • Turn lights off when not in use.
    • Long-life incandescent light bulbs are the least efficient of the incandescent light bulbs.
    • Use ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent light bulbs. ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent light bulbs last longer and use up to 75% less energy than standard light bulbs.
    • Higher light settings use more energy. Lowering the dimmer controls or using three-way light bulbs can save energy.

    Air Conditioning

    • Keep your A/C filters clean.
    • Change your settings on your thermostat. Save 10% or more by setting the thermostat to a minimum of 76 degrees when at home and higher when you are away. (Do not turn the A/C unit off when you leave)
    • Do not cover air vents. Keep furniture, clothing, windowing covering, etc. away from air vents.
    • Closing blinds and window coverings during the day will help keep your home cooler, which will save energy and lower utility costs.
    • Cool only the rooms in use. Close unused rooms to keep cooled air in areas where it is most needed.
    • Delay chores that produce heat until the cooler parts of the evening. Including: dishwashing, laundering, cooking, etc.
    • Turn off electronics if they are not in use. (televisions, stereos, computers, etc)

    Washer & Dryers

    • Do not dry clothes excessively. Don’t place clothes in the dryer and then leave. If you have to tumble a second time you are wasting electricity.
    • Clean your filter on the dryer after each load.
    • Adjust the water level to the load you are washing in the washing machine. Run full loads in your washing machine.
    • While washing, set the rinse cycle on “Cold”. This saves energy and electricity usage.
  • Corporate Profile

    Olympus Property is an innovative and growing full-service multifamily investment and property management organization headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. We were founded in 1992 with the intent to become a leader in the multifamily real estate business by providing superior living environments and unparalleled service. Through the collective talent and extreme discipline of our teams, entrepreneurial management and leadership strength, we are able to achieve improved quality of life for our customers and profitable investments for our partners.

    Because we are an investment and service-oriented business, we are able to maintain a constant presence in local markets and create value in all phases of the real estate cycle. Our leadership has many years of relevant real estate industry experience, bringing to the team proven success in identifying, acquiring and managing real estate investments. This process is actively managed by the principals of the firm to deliver exceptional returns to our investors while minimizing risk.


    Our mission is to exceed expectations of our residents, employees and investors - by providing a quality apartment and a community to call home, generating significant returns for our investors and creating an exceptional employee experience.

  • Experience

    Olympus Property was established in 1992, by brothers, Chandler Wonderly and Anthony Wonderly. They began by buying duplexes and fourplexes in California and have lead the company to the current portfolio of over 15,000 units located in Arkansas, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and New Mexico.

    Led by strong leaders, Olympus Property has demonstrated its ability to identify, acquire, own and operate multi-family properties that generate significant cash flow and provide a profitable exit. With an aggregate value of approximately $1 billion, the principals of Olympus have had a remarkably successful track record of growth and profitability. We are very proud of our clean track record of positive returns for our investors and relish our position within the marketplace to capitalize on investment opportunities into the future.

    Throughout our history, the best and brightest minds in real estate have joined the Olympus Property team. We feel very strongly that our company can and will continue to redefine excellence in multifamily real estate. We believe that our employees and their commitment to unsurpassed customer service are what set us apart from our competition and have allowed us to become the company we are today.

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  • Service

    Olympus Property is a highly experienced real estate investment firm focused on a valued-added approach to real estate investment. Employing a hands-on approach throughout the investment process we leverage our expertise to acquire properties with quantifiable upside potential and manage those assets for maximum effective return. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics and give each of our investors the personal attention we believe they deserve. For qualified investors we offer opportunities to realize above average returns and capital appreciation in the multi-family residential housing market.

    Olympus Property Professional Services Provided: 
    Property Management & Operations - The core of our company is property operations. Our property supervisors support our on-site property managers on a daily basis. They have earned designations through the National Apartment Association and have excellent knowledge of on-site operations and procedures, effective management techniques and proven marketing strategy. Our leadership team prides themselves on their expertise in all aspects of on-site operations including the following areas:

    • Development of budgets and business plans for each community
    • Execution and communicating the owner objectives for each community
    • Ongoing community inspections, financial reviews and follow up
    • Identifying and maximizing all ancillary income opportunities
    • Monitoring of collection agency performance
    • Recruitment and professional development of site associates
    • Coordination of property advertisements and marketing campaigns
    • Investing in the latest technology processes and property management software systems
    • Providing interactive community websites for each community

    Team Member Development & Training – We recognize that our people are a key factor in the formula to provide excellent value, service and operating performance. We offer the following benefits to our team members:

    • Immediate access to web-based training in property management fundamentals
    • Classroom training on topics such as Marketing, Leasing, Customer Service, Fair Housing, Telephone Techniques and more
    • Mentoring programs for new team members
    • On-site troubleshooting and training
    • Monthly, quarterly and annual team member rewards and recognition

    Capital Improvement Services – Olympus has a department to oversee and coordinate the time-consuming, but very critical, tasks of capital repairs and improvements which provide higher quality at lower costs which minimize property expenses while increasing the value of the asset. Items coordinated by this department include the following:

    • Masonry and stucco services
    • Structural repairs
    • Carpentry – wood replacements, etc
    • Siding repairs
    • Roofing repairs
    • Site amenity upgrades
    • Sub Floor repairs
    • And so much more

    Accounting Services– With the experience of our accounting professionals and the use of industry-leading technology and software, our accounting team ensures efficient control over all the financial parameters of property management and effectively monitors performance. Key functions include:

    • Production of financial statements
    • Review of payables
    • Budget monitoring
    • Cash management
    • Provide real time data