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Here are some easy decor tips to get your Olympus Property Management home ready for spring!


One easy way to transition into springtime is to bring a little bit of the outside in! Putting a few potted plants, or some plants in glass jars can make for a really fun, springy environmental shift inside the home. Some of the best beginner plants for a home garden are pothos and philodendron. These plants are super easy to take care of since they don't need direct sunlight and only need water once a week. Another great option is growing potted flowers to bring more color into the home!


Macrame is a great springtime hobby and decor option! Making macrame requires few tools to start, so it's an easy no-screen hobby to get into for springtime, and, more importantly, the result is perfectly springtime chic. Macrame is typically made of white or tan rope, which gives it a very rustic-outdoorsy feel, and has a very low-flare, boho minimalist feel. These connections with nature and the outdoors really make it the perfect decoration for the incoming warm, spring weather. One of the most popular macrame projects besides a wall hanging is a potted-plant hanger, which will perfectly pair with your new potted plants!


Mirrors are a wonderful decoration during every season, but especially as spring nears it's nice to put a few mirrors around the home to open it up and reflect more sunlight. As the weather gets warmer, constant warmth and sunlight radiating around are really going to cozy up the atmosphere in the home. Mirrors are an especially great item to decorate with because they can come in literally any style and size, making them perfectly adaptable to your home's vibe.

Olympus Properties is happy to help you find your dream home to decorate! Contact us any time for more information.


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