Olympus Property


As individuals and as a company, our team members strive to show how much we care about the local communities where we live and work. Because our residents are our neighbors, it's important to us that the Olympus Property community is more than just a place to live. Our community outreach in local areas allows us to address the concerns of individual communities and our team members feel good about volunteering their time to make their communities a great place to live.

We encourage team members to seek opportunities to contribute to the community by supporting their efforts with time, donations, and extra hands. Our team members find meaningful ways to give to their communities by walking, building, supporting and cheering on local troops and non-profit organizations.


At Olympus, we value our partners equally regardless of account size. We have opportunities available on a rolling basis to directly own multifamily real estate in your portfolio.

Leadership Team

Executive Officers

Chandler Wonderly


A belief in hard work and a passion for pride of ownership are the driving forces behind Chandler Wonderly’s career, starting with the founding of Olympus Property when he was a junior at Georgetown University. This entrepreneurial spirit is one he shares with his brother Anthony. Together, they have grown Olympus units from its original two units in 1992 to over 17,000 units today.

Anthony Wonderly


It was at the age of 18 that Anthony Wonderly made his very first real estate investment, partnering with his then 21-year-old brother Chandler to found Olympus Property. Since that time, the brothers have honed their complementary skills, working from the ground up to build Olympus to the dynamic real estate management company it is today, with 17,000 units operating in ten states.

Jarrad Principe

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Jarrad Principe brings a wealth of expertise to his dynamic role at Olympus Property. During his Olympus tenure, Jarrad has served as both accountant and acquisitions analyst, administering all aspects of the acquisition and disposition of multifamily real estate investments.