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Olympus Property is a highly experienced real estate investment firm with a strong track record of success. With a 24-year history of owning and operating multifamily real estate, Olympus has always delivered exceptional investment returns through multiple market cycles. Successfully navigating the 2009 financial crisis, our firm has delivered consistent profits to investors without a single capital call. The Olympus portfolio is currently valued at over $1 billion and represents approximately 12,000 apartment units. We constantly strive to set a standard of excellence in the multifamily industry.

Olympus Property invests alongside our capital partners in cash flowing multifamily residential properties where we can add value through property enhancements and increasing management efficiencies. Our goal is to conservatively acquire properties that provide our investors with above market cash returns, significant upside potential and limited downside. The multifamily sector provides the optimal platform to achieve these goals through all economic conditions.

Olympus has provided reliable returns for our investors for 24 years. We strive to identify properties that can generate sufficient cash flow to pay a consistent preferred return to our investors. Our goal is to identify value assets in our target markets with strong current revenues. Over time, we strive to increase net income through revenue growth and expense management. We are careful to keep our debt loads at reasonable levels, which are typically around 70% fixed rate non recourse debt. As a result, we have never missed a distribution payment to our investors and steadily grown our assets under management.

Olympus vs. Other Firms

Experienced In-House Property Management - Olympus has strategically chosen to manage all of its properties directly, rather than turn over this critical aspect of real estate investment to a third party firm. This hands-on approach provides the tangible connection between Olympus, our communities, and our residents. The results for investors have been increased occupancy rates, better retention rates, greater returns and higher resale values. We believe it is absolutely essential to maintain personal oversight of our properties for the benefit of our residents and our investors. The management team consistently receives recognition as market leaders by industry associations in the markets in which they serve.

Aligned interests - Integrity is paramount to the principals and employees of Olympus. Through co-investment alongside our investors in each property acquired, we create an environment where interests are aligned. This has been a key to our success and differentiates us from our competitors. What is good for our investors is good for us and what is good for us is good for our investors. Unlike many investment firms that heavily laden transactions with upfront and ongoing fees, we consider our investors long-term partners and have a compensation structure that is primarily performance based. Capital is the key to buying real estate and we value our relationship with each of our capital partners. We strive to exhibit an unsurpassable level of integrity that makes our partners eager to invest with us time and time again.

Track Record of Outperformance - Since 1992, Olympus Property has demonstrated its ability to acquire assets that generate significant cash flow and provide a profitable exit. From the early days of buying five-unit buildings in Bakersfield, California to the current portfolio of nearly 12,000 units, with an aggregate value of approximately $1 billion, the principals of Olympus have had a remarkably successful track record of growth and profitability. Their philosophy of “buying right” and straying from the pack has allowed the company to avoid the pitfalls that have bankrupted many property owners during downturns. Prices paid leading up to downturns are typically supported by wildly unrealistic revenue growth and high leverage. Olympus’ realistic cash flow projections easily support a conservative debt load, which is typically 70% long term fixed rate debt. We are very proud of our track record of strong returns for our investors and constantly strive to improve our position within the marketplace to capitalize on investment opportunities into the future.

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