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Whether you want to be more connected to coworkers, desire to be more productive at work, or want to be confident to speak up during meetings, you can learn what it takes to be a workplace superstar from the pros at Olympus. From better social encounters to growing your go-getter attitude, here is our how-to guide to level up your professional presence!

Practice Being Polite & Approachable

Building relationships in your office environment can make a huge impact on productivity, increase positive workplace interactions, and improve team collaboration. Three simple strategies to improve your interoffice relationships is to remember names, make eye contact while talking, and be sure to share feedback during meetings while allowing space for your coworkers to speak.

Be One Step Ahead

Don’t wait for an issue to occur before you take action in the workplace. Whether it’s related to customer service, document organization, or project management, why not get ahead of issues before they happen? This means taking a forward-thinking approach like planning your day using time blocking, asking others if they need your support, or checking in on clients and customers.

Being one step ahead also applies to showing up on time – and by on time – we mean early! Plan on arriving 10 minutes before your work day begins to get organized. Make sure you are ready for a meeting by being present and prepared at least five minutes before the scheduled time. If you’re working from home, make sure to keep to a routine like you were still going into the office every day.

Stay Organized

Keep your workspace clean and clutter free. Not only does this make you appear more professional in your work environment, but it also helps limit stress and allows for you to focus on responsibilities instead of fumbling around for that missing file or post-it note. A clutter-free workspace helps our brains stay focused and better able to process information in a productive way.

Focus on Solutions

Our Olympus teams know just how important solutions are when it comes to being a workplace superstar! Looking for ways to solve a problem is always at the forefront of good decision-making. Finding long-standing solutions not only clears up challenges – big and small, it should be the focus when building client or customer relationships.

For more professional or lifestyle tips and tricks, check out our Olympus blog page today!


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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