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It’s officially spring 2022, which means it’s time to do some seasonal cleaning! Open those windows and curtains, clear the clutter, dust down surfaces, and freshen up your space for the new spring season with these helpful cleaning hacks.

Do a Donation Haul

From a crammed closet full of never-worn clothing to a kitchen cabinet packed with way too many coffee cups, there are plenty of places throughout your home that could be scaled down. Think of a few spots that could benefit from a donation haul and take what you collect to your local donation center. This is best to do before you start any spring cleaning efforts.

Work In Phases

Don’t clean room-by-room, clean phase by phase. It’s much easier and leaves less room for getting distracted.

Start with the cleaning-up-clutter phase. Throughout each room, carry around a basket and collect clutter as you go, placing it back in its proper spot in your home. Make the bed and clean up any trash or odds and ends floating around on surfaces.

Next, you’ll want to wash your linens. Think pillowcases and blankets, dog bed covers, duvet covers and shams, fabric curtains, and washable rugs. If anything needs to be dry-cleaned, now is a great time to do it.

You’ll want to dust your home next before officially cleaning any other surfaces – work from the top down, wiping ceiling fan blades, lighting fixtures, filter or vent covers, shelves, cabinets, countertops, and baseboards. From there, you’ll follow your typical cleaning routine and end with vacuuming and mopping the floors.

All-Purpose for Everything

When cleaning surfaces throughout your home, save yourself the hassle of toting around four or five different cleaning products by sticking with one all-purpose solution. It works just as well, and can be used on practically anything and everything (be mindful of stone surfaces or wood furniture and spot test a discrete section when trying a new product). 

Switch Up Your Home’s Scent

The spring season comes with new scents and smells. Now is the perfect time to swap the scents out in your home, from candles and wax warmers to plug-ins and air freshening sprays. Try something soft and simple or go for a scent that’s a bit more floral.
Cheers to spring 2022! Looking for more lifestyle tips and tricks? Head over to our Olympus blog page and social media sites to get inspired with more how-to tips, recipes, giveaways, and seasonal contests.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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