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This is the moment home decor aficionados have been waiting for – fall is officially here on Wednesday, Sept. 22. While you can dress up your home however you like, this guide will add some perspective on some key do’s and don’ts of harvest season decor.

Do: Cohesive Styling

Take note of your home’s overall decor and architectural style. If you have a sleek, modern home, a nice wreath, a few pretty pumpkins, and a more minimalistic approach to fall decor might be a better fit for your space. But if your home has cozy farmhouse written all over it, you’ll want to go for a more country-fall vibe. Think big floral wreaths, buffalo plaid patterns, and fluffy pampas grass in rustic vases.

Don’t: Overdo It

It’s easy to go a little overboard and just have too much of that fall vibe in your home. If there is so much decor throughout your home that you’re practically tripping over it or knocking it over, then it needs to be scaled down. You don’t want clutter-filled chaos, you want intentional pieces that catch your eye and draw your interest.

Do: Stick With Staple Pieces

You’ll want a main collection of decor pieces that stick around throughout the entire fall season – for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and maybe even Christmas or Hanukkah, too! Go for a leafy garland, birch pillar candles, or a nice floral centerpiece for the dining table. Keeping these staple elements as your base, you can then decorate around them for the rotating holidays in the season.

Don’t: Forget About Safety

Nothing would mess up the fall spirit – or your home – more than a fire! Be smart about the placement of items. Avoid candles near dried decor pieces and be mindful of garland or frills hanging over a fireplace. And if you don’t want to pass up on that cute decorating opportunity, just don’t light any fires. For any full electrical outlets, be sure to use a surge protection port or power strip.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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