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Large, tan dog standing in a flowering field on a sunny day.



Let’s face it: We love pampering our pets! And with the new spring season in full bloom, we’re sharing some fun ways to show your furry friends a little extra love.

Get Out for an Adventure Together

With nice temperatures and sunny skies ahead, we all know our pups – and some cats – love getting outdoors for an action-packed adventure. Look up places in and around your area to see where your next activity could be – whether it’s playing at the local dog park, frolicking through a field of flowers, visiting a nearby dog-friendly beach, hiking up a hillside, or exploring a tucked away trail. Anything goes when it comes to having some fun with your four-legged companion outdoors! Just remember to bring along plenty of water (for you and your pup) and some sunscreen.

Paw-fect Spa Day

What better way to show your furry friend some love than by giving them a spa day? While we know some pets dread getting groomed or getting their nails trimmed, this experience could be made much more enjoyable by offering up some treats, taking them for a long walk beforehand, or giving them a massage – that’s right, we said it! Whether you take your furry companion to the groomer or prefer a more DIY option, follow up the pampering session with a soothing foot balm to moisturize and protect their paw pads for all your outdoor adventuring activities ahead.

Festive Photo Shoot

What’s cuter than dressing up our pets for candid photo shoots? Nothing! If your furry friend is open to the idea, take them to a spring-centric setting, like our aforementioned flowering field or place a little flower crown on their head and snap a picture. Follow our Instagram and Facebook and be sure to tag @OlympusProperty in your caption for a chance to be entered into our social media Spring Shoutout Challenge!

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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