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Did you know that up to 80% of people who create a New Year resolution give up on it entirely by January 17? Well, it’s not going to be you this year! Keep reading to see our tips and tricks for sticking with your 2021 resolutions.

1. Go Big or Go Home

Everyone always says to start with realistic, small goals – but we disagree! No one truly gets excited about the little goals. It’s more empowering to think about losing 30 pounds than it is for 5 or 10 pounds. Start with a dramatic goal, but break it down into smaller, more attainable steps that you can reach in a shorter time frame, and celebrate each of those milestones along the way.

If your resolution is to get a promotion by the end of 2021, start with a series of actionable items supporting that goal that you can accomplish throughout the year. In the first quarter, you could come up with a better workflow system, in the second quarter ask for more responsibility, and in the third quarter you could have a meeting with your boss to discuss your career goals.

2. All About Accountability

This one is a given! Most people are more successful with their resolutions when they have an accountability system in place. Whether it’s a habit tracker journal, a friend, a significant other, or rewards and penalties, there are plenty of ways to hold yourself accountable. Set something up that works best for you and your goals.

3. Reward Yourself

There is serious methodology behind the reward centers in our cognitive brain. As humans, our brains hyper-focus on the perks and positive outcomes. Our lifestyle, in general, is centered around rewards: Eating delicious food, buying new things, enjoying fun activities, finding comfort, satisfying cravings – it’s all honed in on treating ourselves. Our brain and body typically steers clear from pain or even threats of pain and we are hardwired to seek the reward for the work we put into something.

When we set smaller goals that accompany our bigger resolutions, we have the opportunity to reward ourselves as we go. This could be in the form of a new item of clothing, a dessert, a meal from your favorite restaurant, a trip, or whatever motivates you and fits your budget and lifestyle. Make something you’ve really been dreaming of your prize for meeting your overall goal!

4. Tools for Success

When it comes to resolution setting, there are countless hacks you can use to help guide you to the finish line. The Phoenix Journal is the perfect option for a quick 12-week system you can put in place to keep you organized, stay inspired, and be held accountable. Amazon is another great place to find habit tracking journals to keep you in line with your goals. Looking for a more old-school approach? Try writing down your goals on sticky notes and place them in areas throughout your home that you’ll see often.

Looking for more lifestyle inspiration? Head over to the Olympus Property blog page today.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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