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Who doesn’t love having a few fresh houseplants hanging around? It perks up our mood, brightens up our home, and can be downright fun to be a plant parent. In honor of National Houseplant Appreciation Day (Jan. 10), here are a few easy-to-care-for plants that will perk up any place.


This hydrophilic vining plant is perfect for those over-waterers. Often with bright green, or yellow leaves (hello, golden pothos), this beauty is an ideal addition to any home. Plus, they do well in low light areas, making it a great option for that shady corner of the room.

Boston Fern

If you live in a more humid, warm climate, the boston fern is a great option for your place. But if you’re somewhere dry, like Phoenix, this might not be your best houseplant choice. Frequent misting and weekly watering schedules will keep this fern quite happy.


Also known as the UFO plant or the money plant, this beauty has a fun, unique shape. With skinny stems and flat, round leaves on top, this is quite a cute addition to your home’s plant collection. Just be sure to rotate the plant a quarter turn once a week to keep a nice, full shape.

Jade Plant

Thick stems, dense leaves, and a bright green color – the jade plant is a tried and true houseplant to add to your collection. Give it plenty of light and water once every two weeks. These sturdy green babies are part of the succulent family, which means it’s perfect for those who forget the occasional watering. Some of these even do well on a sunny balcony or patio, depending on the climate where you live!

Happy National Houseplant Appreciation Day! And be sure to check out our Olympus blog page and social media posts for more lifestyle inspiration, how-to’s, recipes, giveaways, and seasonal contests.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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