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The time has come! National Clean Out Your Fridge Day is happening today, Nov 15. Which means saying goodbye to ketchup packets from fast-food joints, week-old leftovers, expired salad dressings, and the “I’ll-never-eat-those” items hiding in the depths of your refrigerator. Here are our best tips for an easy fridge clean-out.

1. Pull Everything Out

The idea here is that you want to take every single item out so that you can wipe down the shelves. A simple eco-friendly food-safe cleanser works well for this. Or even warm water with diluted dish soap and a washcloth is a good option. 

2. Check Dates & Toss Expired Foods

The easiest way to do this is during the first step. With each item you remove, check the expiration date and verify that it has been properly sealed during storage. Then get rid of anything that is moldy or stale, and set the items you’re keeping aside in categories (i.e. meat and cheese, condiments, dairy, etc.).

3. Put Everything Back

The higher up and the farther towards the back of the fridge, the colder it’ll be. So be sure to keep dairy, meats, and any leftovers as far back as you can. The doors are perfect for storing juices, water, and condiments. Even butter and eggs will do just fine in the door. Utilize crisping drawers for any fresh fruits or veggies and pop in a few organizing bins for a pretty Pinterest-worthy fridge interior.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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