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A scoop of chocolate ice cream in a bowl on a marble countertop.



With World Chocolate Day happening this week (July 7), here are a few recipes to tantalize your taste buds.

Chocolate Ice Cream

This easy, no-churn recipe from Food Network calls for just five ingredients and one metal loaf pan (9x5x3-inch), chilled.

To start, you’ll whisk together the condensed milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, and salt in a large bowl – this mixture is supposed to be very thick. Next, whip the heavy cream with a mixer on medium-high speed until firm peaks form (about 2 minutes). Using a rubber spatula, fold 1 cup of the whipped cream into the previous cocoa mixture until combined. Then, fold in the new cocoa mixture into the remainder of the whipped cream mixture until fully blended.

Pour the fully combined mixture into the chilled metal pan, cover it, and freeze. After approximately 2 hours, you can add all the extra-chocolatey mix-ins you’d like with a spoon. Re-cover and keep freezing for another 3 (or more) hours. Scoop, serve, and be sent to chocolate heaven

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

This decadent dessert is basically a chocolate chip cookie, but with a brownie’s shape and form. You’ll need an 8x8-inch baking pan and a package of store-bought cookie dough. And if you’d like to make your own recipe from scratch, this candy cookie bar is seriously so good.

Press the cookie dough into the lightly greased (with oil or butter) pan and pop into the oven at 350F for around 30 minutes. To check if it’s done, the surface should be golden brown. You could also do the toothpick test to really be sure it’s ready. Let it cool for about 10 minutes before cutting into pieces.

Chocolate-Dipped Crispy Treats

For a fun twist on a classic dessert, make Rice Krispies Dipper Treats™, but use Cocoa Krispies® cereal instead.

Following the linked recipe above, you’ll swap out the 6 cups of Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® cereal with 6 cups of Cocoa Krispies® for an extra punch of chocolate-y goodness.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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