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Get a little taste of fresh air with a stunning outdoor living space you’ve styled yourself. Whether your Olympus home offers a cozy balcony area or a massive patio terrace, extend your living quarters outdoors with these creative, modern, and trendy decorating ideas.

Lifestyle Layers

Before deciding what to change up on your outside, ask yourself how you’ll spend your time there: Are you more of the cuddle up with a book and coffee kind of person? Do you like watching shows on your tablet? Are you into yoga and meditating?

Layer your space with elements that compliment your lifestyle. Depending on your vibe, add in comfortable furniture pieces, a hammock stand and trendy hanging chair, rugs, and arrange the layout to match with the activities you’ll be enjoying while hanging out in the space.

Plants, Plants & More Plants

What’s an outdoor zone without a little greenery? Add in some pretty plants and fresh foliage to liven up your patio or balcony. Stagger larger and smaller plants to create multi-layered dimensions. Put some greenery on table surfaces or add in a few bigger plants in large pots on the ground. Ramp up the sensory experience and deter pesky bugs with aromatherapy plants like lavender, mint, lemongrass, or geraniums.

To choose the right greenery for your space, observe how much light your outdoor area receives. Consider what each plant requires for sun, weather conditions, and water before purchasing. If your furry friends are spending time with you in this space, ensure that each plant  is nontoxic to help keep your four-legged buddy safe. When you’re ready to stock up, head to your local garden center or plant nursery. And if you don’t trust yourself with keeping anything alive, try some realistic-looking faux plants.

Make It Cozy

Your space should match your energy. Whether you’re into minimalism, boho-chic, modern farmhouse, or eclectic looks, your home is at maximum-coziness when it’s a direct reflection of you. Depending on your personality, pull in elements that make your outdoor space feel like it’s fully yours. This includes rugs, throw blankets, string lights, exercise equipment, faux grass turf, plants, furniture, faux candles, pet-friendly pieces, and any patio or balcony-friendly items you can imagine. Need some ideas to get you started? Check out this awesome balcony makeover for inspiration!

Weather-Proof It

Outdoor areas are at the whim of temperamental weather, harsh climates, and sun and water damage, so be sure to weather-proof your patio or balcony for year-round use. Make sure your furniture pieces are designed for outdoor use and aim for weather-resistant rugs. There’s always the option to upcycle furniture and weather-proof it yourself with these easy DIYs.

Show off your revamped outdoor decor on our social media for a chance to win our Olympus Style Your Space summer challenge. Head over to our blog today for more home decorating inspiration, then get styling!


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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