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With warmer weather, less social restrictions, and lots of fun to be had, here are a few pro tips and tricks to use when planning your next get-together.

Set a Theme

Whether it’s your bestie’s birthday or a simple backyard cookout, it’s always a fun idea to choose a theme for your party. Keep it casual with a simple tropical-coastal theme, where guests are encouraged to arrive in Hawaiian button-downs and flip flops – perfect for your weekend barbecue. Or maybe you want to go all-out with a Vegas casino party on a Friday night and invite guests to arrive in flashy cocktail attire.

Make it fun by matching the atmosphere and activities with the theme. For example: If you choose to go tropical, set up a few tiki torches, play Hawaiian jams from Israel Kamakawiwoʻole or Jack Johnson, serve piña coladas and teriyaki chicken kebabs, and set up a game of cornhole or hula hoop until you drop.

And if you want to keep things extra-simple, stick with a more low-key theme, like a bite-sized dinner spread, a bruschetta bar, or a build-your-own taco bar.

A Proper Invitation

Inviting guests over could be as quick as sending out a text message asking if they want to come by. But why not make it more festive with a legitimate party invitation – which could also be sent via text. Check out Canva.com for customizable designs and really make it your own. Be clear about the day, time, theme, dress code, and food spread.

Tip: Send invitations to guests about one month in advance of the get-together. Ask for an RSVP text confirmation so you know how much food to prepare. Encourage them to reach out with any food allergies or dietary restrictions so you can be prepared.

Plan & Prep

The planning and preparation is where a successful get-together starts. Once you’ve set your theme and have received RSVPs from your guests, it’s time to stock up on supplies. Get ahead of the schedule by ordering all of your decorations as early as you can (except for spoilable food items – save those for a few days before). And to avoid any shipping delay mishaps, try purchasing decorations at a local party supply store. You can easily put together music playlists several days or even weeks prior to the event so there’s no last-minute stress.

When it comes to food preparation, try to make what you can a day ahead. While most food spreads need to be as fresh as possible – meaning it’s made minutes or hours before being served – you can easily get started by cutting or marinating items the day before, keeping things properly sealed and stored for freshness.

The Day of Your Event

The earlier your party starts during the day, the earlier your setup needs to be. You’ll want to begin with any meats or marinades that need to sit, or any desserts that need to be chilled or frozen.

Next, you’ll set up decorations and make sure your electronics are all connected properly for music. From there, focus the remainder of your time on the food and drinks. Plan out the timing of your appetizers, entrees, and desserts so that food isn’t getting cold or soggy – hello, warming drawer!

Once you have as much done as you can, clean up a bit, make sure your pets are comfy, and get dressed.

For more party and hosting ideas, be sure to read our other blog posts for some awesome tips and tricks. And to join in on our upcoming seasonal contests and social shout-outs, follow Olympus Property on Instagram and Facebook!


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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