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Gallery walls are the perfect place to show off your personal style. Whether you want to bring in bright and colorful prints, typography, quirky patterns, family photographs, cute images of your pets, or a mix of it all – this is your chance to shine! Let us walk you through an easy way to DIY a gallery wall in your Olympus home.

Plan Your Approach

There are a few different ways to pull together a gallery wall. Option one, the more methodical route, involves measuring and mapping out each piece. Option two, the laid-back approach, lets you go with the flow and put up each piece as you see fit to the space in your home – just by eyeballing it! Option 3 is as simple as buying a gallery wall kit online and hanging the photos up just as the kit instructs.

Pick Out Your Frames

Decide on how many elements you want to include in your gallery. Do you want balance and symmetry, or an eclectic mix of odds and ends? Collect the pieces and lay them out on the floor in an arrangement. Play with the levels and move the frames around until you find a good layout. Take a quick photo before you proceed so you can reference it as you go.


If you’re going with option two, the loosey-goosey route, then there’s really no need to measure. For option one or if you’ve purchased an online kit, you’ll want to measure exactly where you decide each frame to be placed. This will prevent you from having to redo this again and again.

An easy method to measure is to make mock frames with pieces of paper, then to hang them up with a piece of tape on the wall to visualize exactly how you want it to look. This gives you an opportunity to take a step back and see it from a distance. Once you’ve got the positioning just right, pull the tape and paper down and place a little mark where you’ll hang the frame with a pencil.

Hang Your Pieces

The easiest way to hang photos is with Command Hooks. Pull the adhesive tab off the back, pop it on the wall, and hang your photo – all with zero mess, sans drilling into drywall, and easy removal if you want to swap out frames in the future. Make sure that the weight capacity of the hook matches the piece you're hanging.

Show off your gallery wall on our Olympus social media for a chance to win our Style Your Space summer challenge! Head over to our Olympus blog page today for more how-to’s, seasonal ideas, and lifestyle inspiration!


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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