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2020 may be messy, but your virtual desktop sure won’t be with these awesome organization tips straight from the Olympus Property pros. Whether you’re wanting to seamlessly juggle back and forth between project applications or quickly find that important meeting note, here are four ways to set yourself up for success with an organized virtual desktop.

1. Take Advantage of Your Taskbar

A desktop’s taskbar is an often forgotten tool for keeping an organized virtual workspace. Add frequently-used applications to your taskbar for quick access. To add an item to your taskbar you’ll find the application by typing into the search bar. Once the application shows up in your search, find the action that says “Pin to taskbar”. Include your most-used applications like Google Chrome, Word, Excel, etc.

2. Delete the Randoms

We’re going to say it: delete those emails! Delete the old photos. Delete unused desktop icons. Delete random folders. Once a month, time block 30 minutes to an hour just for cleaning up your desktop. Go through the left behind items and do a once-over on your desktop. A routine, monthly clean up makes sure that everything is organized and is keeping you productive throughout your day.

3. Use a Virtual Organization Platform

Actually a task organizing system, virtual productivity applications like Asana or Monday help to keep your desktop functions clear and decluttered. Forget having to look back onto encrypted messages or your desktop notes or dig through random “don’t forget” memos in the notepad on your computer, only to later not know what they mean.

Desktop applications, like Asana, help keep your to-do tasks in alignment with its associated project. Check items off as you go through each project, add in updates to Asana’s notes field, and add or remove corresponding tasks all without needing to bounce around on your desktop – as the saying goes, this is “working smarter, not harder”.

4. Arrange Desktop Icons

The simplest way to organize your desktop is to visualize your workday, then organize your computer to match your routine. Do you jump right into emails first thing or do you open up your calendar to check for meetings? Whichever way you progress through your workday is how you want to set up your virtual desktop – meaning that your computer’s screen should have an easy-to-follow order of desktop icons that matches with your daily tasks. Whether you want to organize your icons in rows or in the smack-middle of your screen, make sure that your most-used icons are easily accessible.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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