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A fruit cake on white plate on a wooden table.



Fruitcake? Really? Well, we’re here to kick the myths about this much-maligned dessert to the curb and prove to you that fruitcake can actually taste good with these three yummy recipes.

Good Fruitcake

Think of fruitcake as a cake-like granola bar! Chewy, fruity, nutty…you just can’t go wrong with this recipe from NYT Cooking. It takes just about 2 hours to make and calls for a little Armagnac, bourbon, or whiskey added at the end for some extra flair.

Really Good Fruitcake

This yummy cake recipe is brought to you by Southern Living – and when it comes to good food, you know the South doesn’t mess around. With this recipe, it’s all about the spices and fruit uniting into a hearty, sweet, and utterly delicious cake. Add a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream alongside this dense cake when it comes right out of the oven and you’ll be on a whole new level with this fruitcake.

Free Range Fruitcake

If anyone hears the name Alton Brown and knows who this is, knows that his recipes are quite literally perfection. Not only does this celebrity foodie get into the science of baking, but he focuses on unleashing the full flavor potential in every single one of his recipes – and that includes this incredible fruitcake. With a focus on dried fruit (not candied) and brandy, this fruitcake’s flavor actually enhances considerably over the course of a couple of weeks. So be sure to keep that in mind when whipping up this tasty treat.

Happy baking this holiday season! Be sure to tag us with your creations on our social media pages. Check out our Olympus blog page for more lifestyle inspiration, how-to’s, recipes, giveaways, and seasonal contests.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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