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Homemade raspberry ice cream churning in a small ice cream machine.



No matter where you live in the U.S., chances are the summer season is heating up. Get ready to cool down your taste buds with these delicious, homemade ice cream recipes.

The Process

When making ice cream, an electric ice cream machine is the ideal gadget for a creamy, smooth consistency. The ice cream machine works by freezing the liquid base while constantly churning the ingredients together. Just pop the cylinder into the freezer to solidify once the churning process is complete per the directions in your appliance’s user manual.

There is another option to achieve a similar finished product sans the appliance. You’ll need a metal sheet pan with a raised edge. Pour the same liquid recipe into the sheet pan and freeze for 90 minutes. Remove from the freezer and use a stainless-steel whisk to stir well. Place back in the freezer for 45 minutes, remove, and whisk together again. Repeat this process until the consistency is thick and well incorporated. Using a silicone spatula, scoop out into a freezer-safe, sealable container. Freeze the mixture until solid, usually about four hours. With this method, expect a slight bit of iciness, but thorough whisking during the freezing process will minimize the formation of ice crystals.

The Basic Ice Cream Base

A traditional – or Philadelphia-style – ice cream recipe typically consists of milk and/or cream, and sugar with no eggs. For a more custard-like and slightly richer consistency, you’ll add egg yolks. But to keep things simple for these homemade recipes, we’re sticking with this insanely easy recipe inspired by the Food Network queen herself, Ina Garten:

Add 3 cups heavy cream, ⅔ cup granulated sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract into a small saucepan and cook over medium-high heat until all the sugar is dissolved. Pour into a bowl and pop into the refrigerator for 2 hours. Follow your ice cream maker’s manual for the final freezing process or use the appliance-free method mentioned above.

Orange Zesty Vanilla Bean

As the easiest recipe on this list, simply add a second teaspoon of vanilla extract to the above base recipe, scrape the insides of one vanilla bean into the saucepan, squeeze in the juice of half an orange, and toss in a teaspoon of orange zest. Combine together in the saucepan until well incorporated, then follow the same chilling and freezing process above.


Before starting your base mixture, blend a few cups of fresh (and washed) raspberries in a food processor or high-powered blender. Scoop out into a strainer over a bowl and push mixture through, leaving the seeds behind. Continue with the base recipe above and add the blended raspberries to the saucepan. For extra texture, pop in a few more whole or halved berries into the ice cream mixture just before pouring into the ice cream appliance or sheet pan.

Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Follow the base recipe and freezing technique of your choice above. Instead of pouring into a sealed container, place a piece of parchment paper into a metal or glass 9x9 baking dish, and pour your mixture in. Spread evenly with a silicone spatula and freeze for roughly 3 hours. Remove from the freezer, pull the parchment paper out, and place the solid block of ice cream onto a cutting board. With a sharp knife, gently cut the block into rectangular pieces. Using wooden ice cream sticks, gently push one into each block being careful as to not break or crack it. It can help by using a small paring knife to make a starting indent before you insert the wooden stick. Take each ice cream bar and hold it above the parchment paper. Using instant chocolate shell topping from your local grocery store, drizzle or pour evenly over the entire bar. Let harden for a few seconds and place into a sealed container and store it in the freezer.

Looking for more delicious recipes to try at home? Head over to our Olympus blog page and social media posts for more how-to’s, recipes, giveaways, and seasonal contests.


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