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A homemade frozen vanilla coffee milkshake with two striped straws.



Whether it’s 6 AM on a workday or 4 PM on a lazy Sunday, a coffee milkshake really hits the spot in the summertime. Keep reading to learn how you can make one of these chilled caffeine drinks at home on National Coffee Milkshake Day – or any day, really.

The Base

For these chilled beverage recipes, pouring in a cup of hot coffee doesn’t make a lot of sense, as it will melt all the ingredients into a soupy mess. This is where a delicious cold brew recipe comes in handy. Or for a more straightforward option, scooping instant coffee right into the blender works too. For each of the recipes below, you’ll be using 1 cup of cold brew or 2 tablespoons of instant coffee (or just 1 tablespoon for a lighter coffee flavor). You’ll also need a high-powered blender to mix all the ingredients together.

Basic Coffee

Think of an iced coffee, but blended…with ice cream. That’s right, we said it! For this recipe, a cup of cold brew works best. You’ll add in 1 cup of vanilla ice cream (or coffee ice cream for an extra punch of flavor) and a few ice cubes. Blend until smooth and creamy. And if you’re concocting this dreamy drink in the morning and feel hesitant about adding ice cream, just substitute it with a cup of ice and a big splash of half and half, coffee creamer, or a plant-based milk.

Vanilla Latte

Follow the same recipe as above: 1 cup cold brew, 1 cup vanilla ice cream, and a few ice cubes. Add it all to the blender, but ramp up that vanilla flavor by adding in a teaspoon of vanilla extract before whirring it all together.


This chocolatey delight is as sweet and tasty as dessert gets. It’s thick and creamy with a rich chocolate flavor. You’ll need vanilla ice cream, instant coffee, milk, cocoa powder, and for extra chocolatey goodness, some chocolate shavings and fudge sauce.


If you’re looking for a coffee “milkshake” without the ice cream, then this recipe is for you. You’ll need 1 cup of cold brew (or 2 tablespoons instant coffee and 1 cup of plant-based milk), a cup of ice cubes, and 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder, then blend until creamy – chocolate or vanilla protein flavors work best here.


For this recipe, you’ll need a cup of cold brew coffee, 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, a few ice cubes, and caramel sauce. Blend the coffee, ice cream, and ice cubes together until smooth. Drizzle some carmel sauce around the inside of the glass before pouring in the milkshake. Top with another drizzle of sauce and sip away.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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