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6 Must-Try Smart Apartment Technologies

6 Tech-Savvy Apartment Trends

Smart gadgets bring amazing technology to the home front. Here are some of our favorite smart apartment trends to revamp your Olympus apartments into a technologically-driven paradise. 

You can install these smart devices and connect them to your appliances, lights, and other home functions to increase your quality of life.

Make Your Apartment the Best Place to Live With These Smart Trends

Artificial Intelligence 

Through voice assistants like Siri or Amazon Alexa, you can get things done around your apartment from the comfort of your seat. You can ask the app to turn on your lights, place an online order, or start a playlist for you. Better yet, you can control your alarms or even your television without missing a beat.

Robot Vacuum 

Forget about manually handling the vacuum cleaner yourself. With a robot vacuum, you can sit back and let it do the dirty work for you. This smart device uses sensors to find areas to clean, detect obstacles and measure the distance they've traveled.

Smart Air Purifiers

Traditional air purifiers filter the air to eliminate airborne toxins and produce pure air. 
With smart air purifiers, you can track indoor air quality through data it feeds to your smartphone app. You can also schedule the timings you want it to function and monitor what time of day your air is more pure or contaminated.

Pet Camera

Take monitoring your furry friend a notch higher with pet cameras. With this smart gadget, your pup can still be within view from your phone. Additionally, you can hear and talk to them remotely, ensuring they're not lonely while you're away. You'll also know when your pet makes a sound or moves, enhancing their security. Some pet cameras even let you dispense tasty treats to your pet while you’re away.

Create a Smart Home Office

With the current remote work trend, many apartments are now both homes and workspaces. You can use smart home technology to help you maximize your new workspace. Smart lighting can help you set specific moods or create work-centric lighting. And digital artwork can keep your family close to your workspace. We also love the idea of using smart hubs like Alexa to play focus-centric music during your workday.

Smart Indoor Gardening

If you want a collection of indoor plants but travel often or need more direct and experienced plant care, an innovative indoor gardening system is your go-to. The remote system manages its lighting, provides plants with nutrients and is self-watering. All you need to do is fill the system's water reservoir when the App alerts you, and it will do the rest for you.

To find the perfect sophisticated home for you, please contact us. You can also find more home and life improvement hacks on our informative blog.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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