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What’s a contemporary kitchen without all the trendy gadgets? From daily essential gizmos to popular nonessential tools, here are our top six kitchen gadgets you must have on-hand in your Olympus home.

1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Lattes are a thing of the past with cold brew iced coffees taking center stage. Easy to make, this concoction only takes some – you guessed it – cold water and coffee grounds. The tricky part about this recipe is that it’s not as instant as your normal daily brew. Needing about 12-14 hours to fully steep, this cool beverage has to sit awhile before you can take your first sip. Treat yourself every morning with on-tap cold brew straight out of this fancy little 38-ounce appliance.

2. Salad Dressing Mixer

Ditch those sugar-laden, chemically-processed store-bought salad dressings. Create your own leaf elixir recipes in this cool little gadget – the Chef'n Emulstir 2.0. If that doesn’t sound like a must-have kitchen device, then call us crazy. Simple to use, this contraption lets you pour in your ingredients, squeeze the handle to emulsify, and douse or drizzle the mixture right onto your greens. Store it in the fridge to use again and again.

3. Universal Lids

How many times have you pulled out a pot or pan from your cabinet and clamored around looking for its corresponding lid? Probably too many times to count. Check out these handy universal lids, designed to fit most standard skillets and sauceware.

4. Silicone Covers

Speaking of lids, the plasticware situation floating around in the kitchen cupboards is often what nightmares are made of. Opening your cabinet doors only to have plastic lids flying at you or forever searching for the matching set of a lid and its puzzle piece container bottom – escape this fuss with stretchy silicone covers. Sticky in nature and stretchable, these lids seal up practically any size jar, bowl, plate, or container.

5. Scrubber Gloves

Save your polished manicure with these awesome scrubber gloves. Toss out the stinky, mildewy kitchen sponge and enhance your dish washing technique with these cool rubber gloves. Less than ten bucks and you’re on your way to squeaky-clean dishes and dry hands!

6. Frywall Splatter Guard

Avoid cleaning up the shower of red pasta sauce or olive oil that’s painted all over your wall, counters, or kitchen appliances with a Frywall Splatter Guard. Shark-Tank approved, this easy-to-clean dishwasher-safe silicone guard is your best friend when it comes to keeping the splatter down. Just be mindful of your sauceware’s sizing before purchasing, as it has specific parameters to what size of pot or pan it fits with.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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