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Summertime equals beautiful weather, fun activities, and plenty of extra time to spend with your furry friends. Summer also means hot days, burning asphalt and concrete, pests, and dehydration. Olympus is sharing ways that you can keep your four-legged buddy safe this season.

1. Be Mindful of Burning Feet

This is the biggest summer-related injury pet owners see in their canine friends: Burnt paws. When taking your pup out for their daily exercise, try your best to go during the cooler hours of the day – meaning you should avoid anytime between 11 AM and 4 PM. When the sun shines onto the ground, the dirt, concrete, asphalt, and pavement absorbs the heat, sometimes in excess. This means that the ground itself could be much hotter than the actual temperature in the air. If you can’t keep your palm on the ground for more than a few seconds, you definitely can’t keep your pup’s feet on it either. Make your best effort to have your dog wear heat-resistant booties, keep them in the shady areas only, carry them if they’re little, and avoid going out during the hottest times of the day.

2. Avoid Leaving Them in Cars

When we say avoid leaving your pet in a car in the summertime, we really mean to say just don’t do it. Ever. The ASPCA is here to remind us that not only is it dangerous, but it’s illegal in quite a few states. Did you know that summer weather conditions can increase a car’s inside temperature by 20 degrees or more in just 10 minutes? This is scary business and we want to avoid putting our precious fur babies in an unsafe situation.

3. Keep Your Pet Hydrated

With warmer weather comes more fun activities outdoors, and that includes bringing along your favorite adventure buddy! No matter where you are or what your planned activity is, always be sure to bring extra water along for Fido too. Check out these awesome and convenient doggy water bottles.

4. Be Mindful of At-Home Temps

Leaving on an all-day excursion without your furry friend? Check your home’s thermostat before you head out the door. Be sure that the AC is set to a comfortable temperature (under 78 degrees) and that you leave out plenty of water for them. No AC? No problem. Just plug in a circulating fan close to where your pet will be spending most of their time throughout the day to keep them comfortable.

5. Check for Ticks & Fleas

More outdoor activities mean a much higher risk of pest exposure for you and your pup. Anytime you leave a wooded trail or grassy area, always check your furry friend (and yourself) for fleas and ticks. And if you find a tick, here’s how to handle it. Also, if you live in an area where heartworm is prevalent, treat your dog regularly with preventive medication.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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