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Get inspired for your next DIY project with these five amazing home decor hacks for a trendy interior living space! From giving your countertops some extra style to MacGyver-like furniture revamps, keep reading to see our tips and tricks.

Extra Storage? Yes, Please!

Use bins in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to store loose odds and ends. Wire racks are your best friend when it comes to organizing tupperware or the lids to your pots and pans. Running out of cabinet space? Use pretty glass mason jars to store your dry goods like oats, pastas, and spices. For more unique storage ideas, check out this awesome video for Ikea products to use in your home organization hacks!

Play a Bit

Donate your old bedroom dresser and try your hand at upgrading an IKEA RAST 3-drawer chest. Made of solid, untreated wood, this is the perfect blank canvas for whichever way you want to re-fab it! Check out Apartment Therapy’s list of 17 stunning hacks to revamp this plain dresser.

Rev Up Your Lighting

Ooh and ahh your way to a well-lit space with unique interior lighting trends. Try a pretty pendant light hack for a little modern industrial flair in your home. Purchase Ekby Valter wood brackets from Ikea and these vintage-inspired cage pendants. Drill a hole in the bracket to pull the pendant cable through. Secure the bracket to the wall, then feed the pendant light cable through the drilled hole, screw in the bulb, and plug into a wall socket!

Illuminate your closet, bookcases, cabinets, drawers, bed frame, or closet with motion-detecting LED lights. While beautiful and practical, under-cabinet, closet, or bookcase lighting adds an elegant touch to elevate your home’s overall appeal.

Let Nature In

Add a little Zen into your apartment with some fresh greenery. No matter if you’re a total green thumb or not, bringing foliage into your space is as simple as picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers at the local market or finding a sunlit window sill for a new addition to your plant family. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, Market of Choice, or your local farmer’s market are great places to pick up an assortment of prearranged blooms and small houseplants.

For those who kill anything green just by looking at it, try a faux plant hack to visually improve your space, while keeping the maintenance level at an all-time low. If you just don’t vibe with faux plants and want the real deal, keep your plant game at simple with an easy-to-care-for succulent or cactus – all it needs is lots of light and a tiny bit of water.

How are you planning on styling your Olympus home? Head over to our Olympus blog page today for more how-to’s and check out our social media for a Style Your Space challenge happening now!  


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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