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Summertime is all about the sun on your skin, time spent outdoors, and a never-ending supply of activities. Make Summer 2020 one for the books with these four epic ideas!

Host Summer Get Togethers

There are limitless ways to host a stellar summer soiree. From trendy DIY drink stations to an outdoor movie night at the drive in, summer brings endless possibilities to have a great time with friends and family. Host your very own craft night with this awesome online candle-making course. Grab a football and refreshments, then make your way to the neighborhood park for a game of catching drills. Invite your friends out on a group hiking excursion for a time-out in nature, then head back to your Olympus home to grill up some grub and hang out.

Go on an Adventure

From sightseeing to exploring your city and touring new places you’ve never been before, warm summer weather inspires adventurous outings. Take a day trip out to see some incredible scenery or head up to a lookout spot and watch the sunset. Discover your city by bike and tour the areas you haven't had the chance to explore yet. Become a tourist in your own town and visit all the popular tourist destinations. Taste test the menu at a local dining spot you’ve never been with a sampling of their popular items. Or jump in the car and plan a road trip to somewhere new.

Rev Up Your Routine

Bring some variety into your life by mixing up a dull routine! Why not use the weather to your advantage and mix it up with outdoor activities like biking, sport court exercises, and jogging. Try adding more self care into your life by experimenting with a new skincare routine for a refreshing start to your morning or a perfect wind-down in the evening. Start the summer right by incorporating healthy eating habits for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Take on a Project

Whether it’s crafting, studying up on a skill set, or trying out a new hobby, summer 2020 is perfect for starting up a fun project to occupy your time. Check out this list for 50 creative hobbies to enhance your life. Looking to grow your expertise and learn something new? Masterclass or Skillshare are online platforms where you can watch videos and enroll in courses to learn from the pros.

How are you planning on spending your summer this year? Head over to our Olympus blog page today for more how-to’s, seasonal ideas, and lifestyle inspiration!


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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