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September is self improvement Month. It’s time to experience new things, explore the depths of your mind, and grow into a place you never thought you’d go. Here are three unexpected ways to improve yourself this month.

Ramp Up Your Skills

From working on a professional skill set, like time management or learning how to be a better cook, sharpening your skills is not only a go-to way to improve yourself, but also great for building confidence. Masterclass or Skillshare are online platforms that offer videos and courses for learning new skills or ramping up your existing ones straight from the pros.

Try a New Hobby

Hobbies give you a platform to unleash your personality and let it shine! Whether you’ve been curious about picking up a paintbrush to test out your inner-artist or are interested in learning a new sport, check out this list of creative hobbies to try out today.

Overcome One of Your Fears

Have you always had an irrational fear of moths? Maybe you’ve always stayed far, far away from bodies of water. Or that ventriloquist dummy from the movie Magic freaked you out and now you have recurring dreams of creepy puppets. Well, we say it’s time to dive deeper into those fears. Explore why [insert fear] affects you the way it does. Overcoming a fear can be a life-changing feat – so why not dig into it and work on moving past it.

But, for those who have an odd-ball uneasiness (like being scared of puppets) that you wish to move past, treat yourself with kindness and don’t do the jump-right-in tactic. Approach your fear with care and try to understand it on an intellectual level. Then, when you’re ready, test the waters a bit. Maybe it’s standing on a safe, well-secured lookout point above the ocean or it’s watching a ventriloquist comedy show on YouTube. You could even bring a friend with you for a little added support – but either way, go easy on yourself here.

How are you going to improve yourself this September? Head over to our Olympus blog page today for more lifestyle inspiration. 


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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