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Tired of wasting money on forgotten food? Then this guide is meant for you! Olympus Property is here to show you just how you can lessen your foodprint. Keep reading to get our best tips and tricks.

Stay Organized

From the fridge to the pantry and even the spice rack, be sure you have an effective organization system. Keep each food item in sight as much as possible and make sure your frequently used items are front and center.

Try acrylic bins for aesthetically appealing storage in the fridge or pantry, that provides maximum visibility of the contents. Check out this pantry storage starter kit and this super cool spice rack storage set. Purchase just a few of these items or find bins and baskets at home to reuse for an even more eco-friendly option then get to organizing! Group by categories: grains, canned goods, sauces, etc. Look to see which items are close to expiring and put those at the very front of your pantry space in an effort to use those up first. Repeat this process for the fridge then take it a step further by creating an “eat me first” bin. A see-through acrylic bin with a label or permanent marker on the front is a perfect solution. This is where you’ll store quick-to-expire foods, that box of leftovers, and ripened fruit.

Plan Out Meals

Something as simple as weekly meal planning is a great way to grocery shop, cook, and eat on a straightforward schedule, without the waste that often comes with disorganization. From meatless Mondays at home to dinner dates with your SO on Friday night out, this convenient meal planner board sticks right to your fridge. And if your fridge isn’t of the magnetic variety, this wall-mounted menu board is similar in design.

Label Leftovers

When in doubt, label it out! Forget trying to remember when you cooked that chicken casserole. All you need is a roll of these blank stickers anytime you pop a container of leftovers in the fridge. Write what it is and the date it will expire on the label and pop it into or next to the “eat me first” bin. Not sure how long food keeps in the fridge? We’ve got you covered! Check out this handy guide on storing leftovers.

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Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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