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Let’s face it. Women move the world! We’re strong, we’re powerful, and we make change happen all across the globe. So stand up and celebrate iconic individuals from the past for Women's History Month to help us empower the women of the present and the future.

Host a Women’s Celebration Party

Host a get-together and invite your friends, family, or coworkers over for a festive event celebrating iconic women from the past. Level up this shindig by having guests dress as their favorite historical female figure. Or if you want a more simplified version for this party idea, host a movie night with snacks, beverages, and a recap conversation at the end to talk about the significance of the movie’s characters in women’s history.

Purchase From a Woman-Owned Business

Not only do we vote with our money, but we support specific causes by spending our funds with intention. Supporting women in their business endeavors is as simple as making a purchase at a woman-owned business or organization. Plus, supporting a local, woman-owned company with a purchase of their goods or services just feels so much better than buying from a big box store.

Learn About Past Equal Rights Movements

Nothing says empowerment more than knowledge! Knowing where the future is headed is as simple as looking back on our past. Not only is it important to learn about how far women have gone to make changes through equal rights movements and uniting together for change, but it’s empowering for future generations to come. Learning more can bring more opportunities to share more. Whether you create a post on your social media page, read about a female icon online, or attend a virtual event, there are so many ways to get informed on how women from the past have shaped our present.

Happy National Women’s History Month! And for more ways to feel empowered, or for some lifestyle inspiration, how-tos, recipes, giveaways, and seasonal contests, follow our Olympus Property blog page and social media posts.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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