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Did you know that as of 2020, one in 10 Americans (34.2 million people) have diabetes? November is American Diabetes Month, so what better time to be proactive about your health than… Well, yesterday. We’re sharing a few ways to get ahead of or to prolong type two diabetes with these lifestyle tips and tricks – after all, education is freedom.

Keep Your Body Moving

The American Diabetes Association shows us that physical activity can help lower blood sugar levels up to 24 hours post-workout. That’s pretty impressive! So lace up your workout shoes and get your sweat on for at least 30 minutes four to six days per week.

Load Up On Veggies

Think of filling your plate with plenty of leafy greens and fiber-filled veggies. Start with that as your base, then add in your lean protein. Finish your dish with a bit of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (like olive oil, avocado, and sunflower seeds or nuts). Try out the incredibly tasty Mediterranean diet or the paleo diet, as both of these limit processed food high in carbohydrates and can help lower blood sugar. Keto is another great option for a short-term weight loss plan, but be mindful of the amount of saturated fat you consume.

Regular Blood Work

While prediabetes and diabetes can sometimes have some noticeable symptoms, there are other times where you have zero clue what’s happening chemically inside your body. The only way to truly know if something needs to be addressed is by talking with your medical provider and getting routine bloodwork done to check your insulin levels.

Be sure to consult with your physician before making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle. Check out our Olympus blog page and social media posts for more lifestyle inspiration, how-to’s, recipes, giveaways, and seasonal contests.


Icon version of our logo for our website at Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas

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