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Couple mountain biking as the sun sets in Katy, Texas near Olympus Katy Ranch



Take to the dirt trails this summer with two wheels. The fun starts the moment you leave the trailhead – nature flies by at a pace you set yourself and your focus becomes super in-the-moment as everything about your day, your week, your month fades. For laid-back rides around Katy, Texas, check out our list of the top mountain biking trails.

Brazos River Trail

The Brazos trail system in Sugar Land offers two main options – both loops with challenges like sharp turns, elevation changes, and prime conditions. Choose the beginner route to get yourself acquainted with the terrain, or head straight for the intermediate loop for an added perk of a few decent drops to navigate.

Cypress Creek

If beautiful mountain trails are your thing, Cypress Creek is your best bet! Flat and wide sections of trail meader through a forested setting. Technical sections are ample and other parts of the ride allow for speed and technique to thread your way through the trees. You’ll also find a paved trail within this system – use it to add miles and amp up your endurance.

The Anthills at Terry Hershey Park

This singletrack system through Houston’s bayou presents great riding on dirt with short climbs that are worth the effort and great descents worth your time. An out and back can net you more than 10 miles of prime dirt conditions.

Justin P. Brindley Trail

Adjacent to the Brazos River Trails system, the Justin P. Brindley Trail is a beautiful 1 mile loop that traverses a forested stretch along the Brazos River. This trail celebrates the life of Justin Brindley, a local outdoorsman and mountain bike enthusiast who died far too young doing what he loved.

George Bush Park

Perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike, this trail is paved and more than 3 miles in length. This is a great place to get in mileage and build endurance.

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