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If you’re looking for a new hobby to jumpstart the summer months, try a research binge in to personality types. Understanding yourself and those around you can strengthen your relationships at work, school, and home. Also, it’s pretty fun.

Personality Types

There are a lot of different personality tests out there, like Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, communication styles, love languages, learning styles, etc. You can dive deep into one model or research several to broaden your knowledge of what makes people tick. 

Learn About Yourself

Start by taking a quiz and analyzing the results. Personality tests can reveal weaknesses and strengths that you haven’t yet explored. Understanding both can help you communicate better, help others understand you better, and identify possible problem areas to work on. There’s usually advice on facing specific problems and situations if you peruse reddit or other forums.

Try to Identify Others

The next step is learning about other personality types. Try to identify who is what personality or love language based on how they’ve responded to you in the past. You might find you have friction with someone at work because you’re speaking two different personality languages. Spotting these problems gives you the power to change how you interact with others. It can also give you great ideas for gift giving – no joke! Certain personalities prefer different types of gifts.

Get More People Involved

The more you learn about other personalities, the quicker you will be able to identify them and their needs. But the quickest way to learn is to invite others to take the same quiz as you and share! Invite someone to join in the research with you and have fun guessing personality types of others or fictional characters on TV.

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