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Person sitting on the floor organizing clothes into bins at Olympus Katy Ranch



With the change of seasons comes the inevitable rearranging of your closets and cabinets as your summer clothing and gear is packed away until next year, and you bust out everything you need for winter. Don’t get stressed if your home feels stuffed to the gills or chaotic. A little decluttering and organization can do wonders. Check out these four handy products to help you get the job done (and keep it that way).

Drawer Inserts

You can start small by purging and reorganizing a drawer here and there. Tame the mayhem in your kitchen or bathroom drawers with expandable and modular inserts like these. You can find them in many different materials, sizes, and configurations to suit whatever you need to contain. You can also use larger inserts to organize dishware, ties, underwear, and more, so you’ll never show up for a meeting with mismatched socks again (or ever).

Slide Out Cabinet Organizers

If you feel as though the lower cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom are hellish black holes where things vanish and are never seen again, you’re not alone. Getting down on your hands and knees to find things in the back of these lower cabinets is a pain (literally!). Slide out organizers like this one at Target make it simple to keep things neat and get to them easily when needed. Depending on the height of your cabinet or shelf, you can go with a single or two-tier organizer. Your back and your knees will thank you.

Collapsible Storage

From laundry baskets to storage bins, collapsible is where it’s at. Collapsible storage is a boon because – as the name suggests – it collapses or folds to virtually flat when not in use, but has a semi-rigid structure and can stand on its own when needed. Collapsible boxes like these are great for storing your lightweight summer comforter during the colder months or those T-shirts, shorts, and swimsuits that you won’t be using again until next spring. They provide protection from dust and keep everything together for easy storage and later retrieval.

Space-Saving Hangers

Slim hangers take up less space than bulkier wooden or plastic hangers but are rounded to help preserve the shape of your clothing. They are also usually covered with a nonslip, velvety coating that stops items from slithering off and ending up on the floor of your closet. Just by swapping out your existing hangers with these little beauties, you can likely fit up to 25% more clothing in the same space. Many also have a hook that lets you cascade several hangers from one another, allowing you to fit even more items on your hanging rod. This also makes it easy to keep coordinating clothing such as a suit jacket and pants together.

Go forth and organize! You’ll be glad you did. And for more handy lifestyle hacks, check out the Olympus Katy Ranch blog.