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Do you have old, beautiful bottles lying around your place that are too pretty for the recycle bin? Maybe you splurged on a really expensive bottle of wine or liquor and you want to prolong the pleasure of the experience by doing something special with the bottle – How about turning it into a lamp? This process is surprisingly easy, even for someone who has never picked up a screwdriver before. In fact, the whole process takes less than fifteen minutes.

Buy a Lamp Kit

These converter kits typically run less than $20 and you can find them at most hardware stores and online retailers. Make sure you find one that will fit the bottle you’ve chosen. You’ll have lots of options – from knobs to push switches, and a variety of finishes and colors for the hardware and cords.

Choose a Lampshade

The shade for your lamp is the most cost-variable item that you’ll need to purchase. You can find lampshades for less than the converter kit – or for a lot more. It all depends on the style and material you want. Look for a lampshade that will complement the design of your bottle, and will add textural interest to your indoor space. Check out your local T.J. Maxx & HomeGoods and you might stumble on a great find.

Decide on Your Lamp’s Style

You can leave the bottle empty, if you like, though choose a small lampshade if you do this, since the shade will make it top-heavy. You can also fill the bottle with small stones to add weight and visual interest, and even dried flowers, feathers, or other items.

Assemble Your Tools

You’ll need a screwdriver, pliers, scissors, and a utility knife. It’s also a good idea to get electrical tape and wire strippers. The electrical tape will help if none of the adapters in your converter kit fit – just choose one that is smaller than your bottle’s opening and wrap tape around it until it fits snugly.

Follow the Converter Kit Instructions

Your kit will come with instructions that will outline the steps of assembling and installing the kit onto the bottle. You can also take a look at instructional videos on YouTube.

Let There Be Light!

When you’re done, plug it in, turn it on, and admire your handiwork. These personalized touches and extra efforts are what really make a home feel cozy and special. For more interior decorating inspiration, make your way over to our blog page today.