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Barista pulling a shot of espresso at a café near The Ranch at Shadow Lake in Houston, Texas



With our fast-paced lives and busy schedules, it is only natural that we sometimes need coffee to keep us going! Whether you prefer a mild brew or a strong espresso, mostly everyone can agree that our coffee breaks are one of the best parts of the day! Next time you feel the need for your favorite blend, consider heading to one of the following coffee shops.

Minuti Coffee

A great coffee shop that truly cares about the environment, Minuti Coffee takes pride in the things they do, such as recycling, using sustainable materials, and using eco-friendly cups. With their Italian roots, you'll always feel right at home when you visit Minuti Coffee. There is a sense of community and family at all times. So, come in and enjoy a cappuccino, vanilla latte, or the special coffee of the day. You'll be glad you did!

The Brew Coffeehouse

This unique coffee shop offers fun selections that you won't find anywhere else. Order the Secret Handshake, the I Trust Ya!, or create your own blend! The environment has an upbeat vibe that will help you feel energized and lively. With comfortable seating and free wifi, The Brew Coffeehouse is the perfect place to stay and talk with friends or spend some quality time alone.

Lupa's Coffee

With coffee made from some of the best roasters in Texas, Lupa's Coffee is a neighborhood favorite. Menu selections include hot and cold brews, as well as a variety of teas and baked goods to enjoy. An easygoing environment with board games for customer enjoyment is part of what makes this establishment so appealing. Ample seating ensures that you will always have a place to sit and enjoy your favorite hot beverage. The top quality service at Lupa's Coffee will have you coming back time and again!

All of these incredible coffee shops are in close proximity to The Ranch at Shadow Lake. For more information on relocating to the area, contact us today!