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A man and a woman intently carving pumpkins near The Ranch at Shadow Lake



Go big or go home. That’s how we roll in Texas. And that’s why we’re going all out for this year’s pumpkin carving party at The Ranch at Shadow Lake. From concept to creation, here are some tips to help you step up your pumpkin-carving game. Be sure to send us photos of your creations. We’ll be featuring them on our Facebook page!

Come Up With an Idea

Figuring out what to carve is sometimes the most fun part. You don’t have to settle for a plain ole jack-o’-lantern. Maybe carve your favorite superhero or animated character. Or carve your favorite animal. Or come up with a fun concept. The possibilities are infinite. Search the internet for inspiration – Pinterest, Insta, Facebook, and plain ole Google Image searches are a few places to look.

Gather Your Tools & Supplies

You’ll definitely want a good carving knife to get started. A large spoon to scoop out the pumpkin guts is another essential. You really don’t need much else, but do think outside the box as you gather your tools. For instance, you can use construction paper to create stencils for more complex designs. And a cookie cutter and hammer are great for creating fun patterns. You could even work a cordless drill into your pumpkin-carving arsenal.


Want to give your pumpkin beautiful flowing locks? Check your yard or hit the garden section at your home improvement store of choice to find a plant to serve as a pumpkin toupee. Give your pumpkin a sweet grill with painted teeth. Or gather up other fruits and vegetables to incorporate as facial features. We’ve said it several times already, but the possibilities are endless here, too.


Get to work! This is where your ideas come to fruition, so have fun with it!

Happy Halloween from The Ranch at Shadow Lake

We hope you have a fantastic and safe Halloween! Hit up our blog for more fun life hacks.