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 White cozy bedroom interior with a fiddle leaf fig tree and wood furniture.



Humans are meant to mix with Mother Nature – fresh oxygen filling our lungs, the sunlight on our skin, and uncompromising time spent around natural foliage. So why not surround yourself with the good ol’ outdoors by bringing a little of the outside in with these easy tips and tricks.

1. Plants, Plants & More Plants!

This one is a no-brainer: The quickest way to add more nature into your life is to become a plant parent – and we don’t just mean for one plant. Try adding many unique shapes, sizes, and types of living foliage into your home. Not sure if you’re a green or black thumb? Start with just one or two plants and move up to more green babies once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Or go with the faux option if you can’t keep plants alive for the life of you (or them!).

2. Rattan, Bamboo, Wicker, or Wood Furniture

Not only is natural furniture more sustainable, but it’s naturally (pun intended) appealing. Made from durable materials, these beautiful furniture pieces are easy to care for and are a sure-fire way to pull the outdoors into your space.

3. Nature-Inspired Artwork

From wood-carved decor to photographs of natural landscapes, there are countless ways to bring nature into your home and onto your walls. Frame and hang some beautiful naturescape photography or put up botanical plant prints. Try adding in a hand-carved art piece or a more modern wooden creation to lively up your space.

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