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People playing with water balloons



Ricky Bobby said it best. If you ain’t first, you’re last. If that’s how you roll, then chances are you’re taking the June 19 water balloon fight at The Ranch at Shadow Lake swimming pool pretty seriously. We’ll provide the balloons for this friendly fight, which starts at 1 PM. If you’re in it to win it, here are four tips to help unleash your inner water balloon warrior.

Disclaimer: Seriously, though, these tips are (mostly) in jest. Please have fun and be safe.

Warm Up That Arm

A strong arm is essential to becoming the ultimate water balloon warrior. Get your arm in shape before the big day. Talk a neighbor into playing a game of catch. Grab your pup and head to Sneed Dog Park or Millie Bush Dog Park for a game of fetch. Whatever it takes, get that arm loose and ready for action.

Get Some Balloons & Get Your Grip Right

You’re going to want to go out and buy a pack of practice balloons. Fill ‘em up and get to work. Practice throwing and perfect your grip. You don’t want to squeeze a balloon too hard or you’ll risk a) breaking it and b) throwing it wildly. Grip it too softly and it’ll slip out of your hands. Strike the perfect balance and you’ll be good to go on game day.

Agility Exercises

Staying in motion is essential to dodging incoming water balloons. Since our fight is in a pool, practice this in a pool. Swim some laps to build up your stamina. Practice your underwater footwork. Work on holding your breath. You can’t get hit with a balloon if you’re underwater.

Just Have Fun

Summer is here. Life is returning to normal. Win or lose, true water balloon warriors know having fun is what matters most. Above all else, enjoy this time with your neighbors and friends.

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