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Man doing kettle bell workouts in his living room at his Olympus apartment



No matter if you’re an exercise enthusiast or a total newbie, The Ranch at Shadow Lake shares our most-favorite at-home workout gadgets you should totally check out! From techy devices to simple tools, you’ll want to give these a try.

1. Cordless Jump Rope

This gadget is epic! Forget smacking the jump rope cord against the ceiling or furniture with this cordless option. Easy to store and simple to use, a cordless jump rope is the ultimate workout tool – unless you live above someone, then maybe skip it, or use it outdoors. Some brands even have a super high-tech electronic tracking system to track your performance, like this one.

2. Ab Wheel

This is a simple workout tool to keep on-hand for your core-focused workouts. As you lower and raise your body with the wheel guiding you, you’ll feel it mostly strengthening your back, oblique, and ab muscles.

3. EdgeCross X Intense Home Workout System

Think calisthenics, but with an acrobatic flair – the EdgeCross System is a go-to full body workout system. Available to purchase for just under $190, their standard Fit Package includes the Main EdgeCross-X Unit. This gadget’s spherical end pieces give you an ultra-unique range of motion during your workouts. Plus, it’s totally portable!

4. Foam Roller

If you’re not foam rolling, you’re doing your workout and body a disservice! Lengthen, stretch, and increase flexibility with a foam roller. This tool is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique, that allows you to roll out tight muscles. Relieve tension, increase your range of motion, and reduce your post-workout soreness with a foam roller.

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