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Aurora borealis over the tree line.



America’s awesome and all, but have you ever cooked dinner in a silo? Seen a high-end igloo? Or watched the Northern Lights from the comfort of bed? Here are three resorts that will make you want to travel overseas ASAP.

SiloStay in New Zealand

Located in Little River, a town on Banks Peninsula in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, SiloStay is an innovative, eco-friendly resort, designed with sustainability in mind. Nine silos have been converted into single-story and two-story modern, unique guest quarters with individual kitchenettes, patios, and balconies. Check out SiloStays’ travel packages to add on goodies like breakfast or sparkling wine or excursions like an alpaca farm tour or wildlife boat cruise.

ICEHOTEL 365 in Sweden

ICEHOTEL 365 is the first resort of its type to operate year-round – but one of many to capitalize on this cool concept in Sweden. Pack your warmest gear, then choose to stay in a suite built entirely out of ice and snow. Or, go the more practical route, and rent a room with some icy spaces and some warm spaces – plus, a private sauna. Complete your experience by grabbing a cocktail or champagne from the ice bar (obviously, served in a glass made of ice) and by touring the onsite ice art museum.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finland

Check seeing the Northern Lights off your bucket list – and do it in style. The Telegraph describes the Arctic TreeHouse as “a resort of rectangular chalets with wide north-facing windows.” This ingeniously designed resort with 50-plus units provides clear views, hot drinks, and floor-to-ceiling curtains for guests who have had their fill of nature’s greatest show on earth.

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