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Woman with eyes closed and multiple colors projected onto her face. Set against a black background.



If you haven’t checked out Color Factory yet, this spring is the perfect time to do so! This unique, experiential art exhibit “inspired by the joy of color … creates meaningful and immersive color experiences for all.” Expand your world and have a great time while you explore a wide variety of exhibits. Read on for our picks of the three artists you don’t want to miss.  

Emmanuelle Moureaux

Much of Emmannuelle’s artwork consists of individually colored pieces of paper, often cut into whimsical shapes and suspended in midair, like colorful data clouds come to life. Inspired by the architecture and color-use of Tokyo streets, Emmanuelle uses colors to create spaces and invites you to explore their edges. 

Alicia Eggert

Alicia’s artwork “gives material form to language and time,” as can be seen in her use of English language and words. Throughout her pieces, these words take center stage, but every element of her work is important. Often co-opting the designs of commercial signage, her artwork evokes an everyday familiarity while inspiring a sense of reflection and wonder in its viewers. 

Carra Sykes

Carra’s Color Factory installation encourages every visitor to feel good. It features brightly colored one-person benches, punctuated with brightly colored banners lauding the owners of such accomplishments as “Number 1 Dancer,” “1st Place in Staying Hydrated,” and “Best Dad Jokes.” Other elements include cute and colorful pennant flags and restroom wallpaper encouraging visitors to “Shine Bright” with cheers of “U R GR8” and “Champion of Cool.” 

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