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A man with tattoos is taking care of his plants on a sunny balcony.



Spring is here and it’s officially time to transform your outdoor space with the pop of a few showstopping plants in your container garden. Read along for our tips, tricks, and a few local shops to get the most out of your container garden this year.

Evaluate What You Need Before Plant Shopping

To avoid plant panic when shopping, try to have an idea of what it is you’re looking for before you head out to a local plant nursery. Create a list with the number of pots you have to fill, pot sizes, and whether the pot will be primarily in the shade or sun. 

Companion Planting

When choosing plants for your containers, make sure they play well together. For example, all plants within one pot should require the same light and the same moisture level. Tip: Save your plant tags! You don’t want to be left caring for a plant, and not remember what it needs to thrive. In addition, the tags usually share how big the plant is expected to grow, so you know how much room you might have for another plant within the same pot. Hang on to those plant tags, your plant babies will thank you.

Choose Plants Wisely

The best part about container gardening is the ability to bring your plants indoors or out, depending on the season. Consider choosing plants for your container garden that look good and can stand the heat of Texas summers. Bring in some bold succulents, like the Desert Savior, a native Texas plant that does well in dry climates. Add a pop of color with some Autumn Sage, a member of the mint family that looks good and smells delicious. Here’s a great resource for heat-tolerant plants that do well in Texas.

Local Dallas Nurseries To Visit

Need some guidance on container gardening? Check out some of the amazing local nurseries in Dallas that can offer you detailed insight on how to get your container garden thriving this spring. Support local nurseries like Katy Hardware, Tractor Supply Co., Nelson Waters Garden and Nursery, and Calloway’s Nursery, to name a few. 

Container gardening is not for the faint of heart. But with the right skills and knowledge under your belt, your container garden will soon be a shining star that you can sit back and admire all of the hard work you’ve put into it. And when you’re ready for new at-home projects, be sure to check out our other blog posts!