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An apartment is the perfect place to flex your design muscle, even if you’ve never done anything but set up a card table before. You don’t have to be Joanna Gaines to create a cozy, stylish pad – you just need a sense of adventure and a few tips, like these…

Create Focal Points in Each Room

Having a focal point will give each room a visual anchor. This could be a dramatic headboard for your bedroom, a colorful collection of vases or teapots in the kitchen, or a striking rug or modern sofa in the living room. You decide which works best for your space.

Add Bold Colors to a Neutral Palette

Keep your basic color scheme neutral. White will open up the space, reflect light, and create a fun, welcoming atmosphere. Grays and browns are great for a more sophisticated vibe. Once you have your basic neutrals installed (think furniture, duvet, shower curtain, etc.), add pops of color with bright accessories. Try goldenrod throw pillows, a forest green throw blanket, or red bath towels. The underlying neutrals will not only keep your apartment design looking sleek and streamlined but will make it easy to change things up if you decide you want a new look – all you have to do is switch out the accessories.

Pay Attention to the Details

Invest in quality linens. Display quirky antique store treasures. Hang “micro galleries” – collections of smaller paintings, favorite photographs, or other art work – in small spaces. Try arranging your books by color or adding thoughtful accents in unexpected places.

Break the Rules

Who needs a night table? Use a stack of books for a funky, modern look. Instead of hanging your pictures and mirrors, lean them against the walls or display them on shelves. Don’t store your board games in their boxes – hang the boards on the wall or display the game pieces.

Go Green

Nothing makes a space feel cozy and comfortable like a few houseplants. If you need to fill space, try a rubber tree or bird of paradise. For smaller apartments, keep it tiny with succulents or snake plants.

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