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As of 2019, the average American spends $8,169 on food annually, or $680.75 per month. The median income the same year was $68,703, meaning nearly 12% of our before-tax earnings go toward groceries and dining out.

If you’re concerned about food expenses eating into your budget, you probably already know you should dine out less. But that’s not all you can do to lower your food bill. Try these four tips for saving money (and time!) when shopping for groceries.

Download Digital Coupons

Many grocery stores offer rewards for shopping at their store regularly. These most often entail signing up for a loyalty program of some sort. Kroger, for instance, offers a Shopper’s Card. Those who sign up in-store or online can browse and download grocery coupons to their account via the Kroger website or app. Sign up for something similar at your favorite grocer, and watch the savings add up.

Buy What’s in Season

While it’s sad but true that many fruits and vegetables sold in America are grown indoors or imported from outside the U.S., produce prices tend to fluctuate by season. Blueberries and zucchini, for instance, are typically harvested in the springtime in Texas. As such, you may notice they’re cheaper this time of year. Buy what’s being harvested to spend less on produce.

Don’t Stray From Your List

Before heading to the store, make a list of only what you need to get through the next week or two. Commit to solely purchasing what’s on your list during your trip. This is beneficial in several ways:

  • You won’t impulse buy items you don’t need

  • You won’t overbuy and end up tossing expired food

  • You won’t be influenced by sales and coupons

You read that last one right. Coupons are great – but not if they persuade you to buy items you wouldn’t otherwise.

Eat Before You Go

You’ve heard this one before: Don’t shop hungry. If you wait to grocery shop until you’re starving, all the willpower in the world is unlikely to stop you from buying things you don’t need. Eat before you go, and as mentioned above, making a list – and sticking to it – is key.

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