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Residents dancing at a rooftop party near Olympus at Ross in Dallas, Texas

4 Fun Ideas for a Fantastic Summer Soiree


Summer’s here and it’s time to celebrate longer days and warmer nights with food, friends, and a cold drink in your hand. Check out these four fun ideas for throwing a great summer party, from the team at Olympus at Ross.

DIY Spiked Lemonade Bar

Imagine friends and loved ones mingling with brightly colored glasses of fortified lemon drink in hand as they admire your hip pad. It’s refreshing, whimsical, and memorable enough to land you in the “host with the most” category. Put together a classy do-it-yourself cocktail bar that offers high quality ingredients and a charming display of different syrups and garnishes. This is adulting done right!

Wine Tasting Party

Are you a connoisseur? Or maybe you prefer Two Buck Chuck. Perhaps you’d just as soon drink Pabst over ice in a wine glass? It doesn’t really matter – it’s still fun to taste different wines and try to pinpoint miniscule and nonexistent flavor profiles in your glass. Invite friends to bring a bottle, tuck them all into paper bags or otherwise hide their origin, and taste your way through until you’ve got yourself a winner.

Did Somebody Say “Boat Party?”

Even those not lucky enough to own their own water cruiser can still live large through the magic of a boat rental. Lewisville Lake is home to several options, including American Watercraft Rentals and Sam’s Dock Boat Rental & Party Barges. Invite all your friends, split the cost, and live like socialites, if only for one day.

Piñata Party

It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday – or a zombie invasion – to swing a broom handle or baseball bat around your living room. And piñatas aren’t just for kids anymore. You see where we’re going with this? It’s time to have a grown up piñata party. Pack it with airplane bottles of hooch, Ding Dongs, keychain bottle openers, skin care samples, mini bottles of hot sauce, nail polish, or whatever your crowd’s into, and then get crackin’.

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