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You’re not fully dressed without a fragrance! Some fragrances work best for certain occasions – others, for certain seasons. But the truly versatile can work year-round, no matter your surroundings, making them easy to wear whenever you please. Here are some of the best all-season fragrances that’ll keep you smelling and feeling fantastic.

Angel Eau de Toilette (2019) by Mugler

We know what you’re thinking. Mugler? All seasons? Really? Yes, Mugler is known for its gourmand fragrances with enormous sillage, and this 2019 Angel EDT is no exception. But whereas the original Angel Eau de Parfum can be more of a special-occasion fragrance due to its powerful patchouli, this reinterpretation is softer, subtler, and more adaptable. The sweet, candied and patchouli notes from the original are still there, but this feminine fragrance’s light peony and mandarin orange coupled with notes of red berries and white woods creates a whimsical experience that’ll work equally well during a summer brunch with friends or an evening in during a romantic winter cabin vacation.

Aventus by Creed

Fresh yet smoky. Posh yet provocative. Aventus by Creed is a fruity masculine fragrance that truly works for any occasion – day, night, hot, cold, formal, casual. Wear it anywhere and watch heads, and noses, turn. Opening with a pineapple note, the scent of birch comes through during the dry down, mixing with the musk to create an overall intoxicating fragrance that’s hard to ignore, and even harder not to love.

1899 by Histoires de Parfums

Gorgeous and multifaceted, 1899 by Histoires de Parfums is everything an oriental/spicy fragrance should be. The initial spray is sweet, with a delicious vanilla and amber base and powdery cinnamon. As it dries down it develops into something even more complex – bringing in notes of juniper, iris, black pepper, and bergamot, creating a sexy, seductive, boozy aroma that is sure to attract more than a fair share of compliments.

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