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Stack of chocolate cookies from a bakery near Mosaic Dallas in Dallas, TX



Cookies have always been tempting, but the trend towards making "gourmet" cookies has taken this already beloved treat to the next level. High-quality ingredients, decadent flavors, and beautiful presentation are all hallmarks of a great gourmet cookie. The Mosaic Dallas is within 5 minutes of some of the most delicious cookies in the city which means you won't have to travel far when it's time to indulge your sweet tooth. 


These ooey, gooey cookies are served warm, which makes them even more heavily. The Dallas location of Tiff's Treats is a small space and always fragrant with the smell of freshly-baked cookies in a range of classic flavors. The Dark Chocolate Coconut features rich dark chocolate combined with almond, oatmeal, and coconut, while the Snickerdoodle is a buttery delight that melts in your mouth. If you ever have what could be considered a cookie emergency and need a gourmet cookie right away, they can deliver the warm cookies right to you.


The satisfyingly large cookies made by Cookie Shop are the very definition of "gourmet". Most of them use a generous amount of sea salt, which really enhances the sweetness of the other high-quality ingredients. Choose from seven flavors that offer subtle twists on traditional cookie varieties, like the oatmeal raisin and macadamia nut with white chocolate. 


You can find plenty of baked goodies at Sift + Pour but the cookies are going to be hard to resist. Though these gourmet cookies are certainly decadent, they're not too sweet. This allows ingredients like peppermint, peanut butter, and gingerbread to really shine. The happy and whimsical atmosphere at Sift + Pour invites you to stay awhile and linger over your cookie and a cup of coffee.  

There's so much great food in Dallas, both savory and sweet. Living at the Mosaic Dallas makes it easy and convenient to enjoy them. Contact us to schedule a tour or learn more.