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Resident reorganizing the pantry in her new home at Mosaic Dallas in Dallas, Texas

5 Tips for Organizing Your Pantry


Just about everyone has experienced an out-of-control pantry. Our helpful guide will help you tame your escaping ingredients, making more room for what you love.

It happens to the best of us. You grab an extra bag of pasta here, a bargain three-pack of pasta sauce there, maybe a couple cans of tuna just in case, and before you know it, your pantry is out of control! Our helpful guide will help you tame your escaping ingredients, making more room for what you love.

Take Everything Out

Start by removing everything from your pantry, and then take stock of what you’ve got. Pick through and toss out anything out of date, and then begin organizing by grouping like items together.

Pack It In

Consider investing in some stackable containers or Mason jars (or eat a lot of peanut butter and pickles and hold onto those jars). It’s easy to lose visibility when you have a bunch of half-filled plastic bags of rice, beans, and quinoa piled on top of one another. Packing these into their own labeled containers will make organizing much easier.

First In, First Out

Take a page from the pros. Professional kitchens follow this rule to keep food fresh and make sure customers don’t get sick. The way it works is as simple as it sounds – make sure your items each have dates, and then put the new items behind or under the older ones. This way nothing is wasted due to old age.

Get Lazy

For canned goods or seasonings, a lazy susan can be the ideal solution. These spinning platforms make finding the perfect ingredient as easy as a flick of the fingers. Many options offer two levels, so you can fit even more in. There’s nothing lazy about efficient storage and easy access!

Keep At It

Once your pantry’s in tip top shape, put in a little extra time each week to keep it that way. Take 5 minutes every Sunday, say, to make sure things are still organized and that the new is still behind or under the older.

We hope this guide helps you organize your food stores. For more tips on winning at life, visit the Mosaic Dallas blog.