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Hands holding knitting needles with a few rows of yellow yarn hanging from them.



You’ve knitted a whole new wardrobe, a beanie for every friend, and a few throw blankets. If you’re looking for your next knitting project, check out these unique ideas.

Cozy Cup Sleeve

Go green with knit a cup sleeve that you can reuse again and again. Ditch the boring cardboard coffee sleeves from the drive-through line, and slide a unique hand-knitted sleeve on your hot drink. Grab some patterns or inspiration from Pinterest to get started. These cozies also make great gifts for your fellow hot-drink lovers.

Car Accessories

You’ve knitted something to keep your hands warm, your neck cozy, and your hat hair hidden. But what about some warm car accessories to improve your morning drive? Get inspired by these car shifter covers or knit together a cover for your steering wheel. These projects are a great way to add a touch of personality to your car and create a comfortable place to rest your hands.

Cat Toys

Knit some toys for your furry friends or as a gift to the cat parents in your life. Check out the Kindle book Knits for Kitties to get started. Make each toy extra special by picking up some catnip to stuff inside. The patterns are small and quick to complete, so you can create a collection in no time.

Home Decor

Freshen up your living space with a knitted pouf. You can use your pouf as a stool, a cat bed, or an ottoman. Choose a vibrant color and make it a statement piece, or go neutral to stick with your cottage-core aesthetic. It’s a versatile idea with plenty of options to add your own personal touch.

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