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4 Best Women's Fashion Magazines


As we head into a new season of fashion — chunky sweaters, knit leggings, a statement coat, boots, and stylish beanies or a fedora — we’ve got the artistic expression of dressing up on our brains. Get inspired to get dressed up — even if it’s for your next scheduled Zoom cocktail hour — and read up on the latest fashion tips in these four best women’s fashion magazines.


This international sensation is the fashion icon of all fashion magazines. Vogue’s way of placing fashion into context we can all relate to — the culture and world we live in; how we dress, live, and socialize; what we eat, watch, and listen to; and who inspires us — leaves us wondering what’s next in the world of fashion. Its longevity proves it’s the magazine that defines the culture of fashion, with its first weekly issues dating back to 1892. In 1909, it was later transformed into the monthly magazine we all know it to be today, covering many topics including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway, all based in New York City.


Founded in 1994, InStyle quickly turned into a top monthly women’s magazine in the US thanks to its celebration of uniqueness, and its ability to celebrate the private side of public faces, often revealing the personal style choices of the world’s most fascinating people. A trusted source for inspiration and ideas, they strive to provide an insider’s look at trends in beauty, fashion, home, and entertaining. Within each issue, the “What’s Now” summary offers a breakdown of what’s hot in women’s style right now. “The Look” gives readers a look at what celebrities are wearing, while “Your Look” highlights trends and tutorials on creating the same look at home.


Created for women with a style and mind of their own, Elle is one of the world’s largest and leading fashion magazines on the market. Their focus is simple: to inspire every woman to create her own unique style and feel empowered. Features include cutting-edge trendsetters, established designer looks, pop culture, beauty, travel, and health and wellness. Elle gives you the tools you need to inject style and fashion into your everyday life, as unique as you’d like it to be.

Harper’s BAZAAR

Harper’s BAZAAR takes the cake on the world’s single most intriguing fashion magazine. It’s award-winning photography and art and design coverage offers readers stunning views into every facet of fashion and beauty. Harper’s BAZAAR can help you find that perfect black dress for cocktail hour, or a suit to impress at your next business conferences. And for that polished cultured look, their insight on accessories is pure gold.

Ladies, add these four best women’s fashion magazines and dream up the next big thing you will get dressed up for. Check out the Mosaic Dallas blog for more lifestyle advice and local tips.