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Antique typewriter on a table



Antique typewriters make for a statement piece in any room. A collection of typewriters make for an epic statement. The team at Mosaic Dallas has come up with three reasons why collecting typewriters is an awesome hobby.

Tom Hanks Collects Typewriters

He acts, he directs, and he has an obsession with typewriters. In the late ‘70s, Tom Hanks took his plastic typewriter for repair in Cleveland and was refused by the restorer. The restorer called it a toy and convinced Hanks to walk out with his Hermes 2000. Since then, Hanks has grown his collection to around 250 typewriters. He says the reason he collects is the thrill of the hunt. Finding rare models in good condition and at the right price never gets old. Maybe if you collected typewriters, you’d be as cool as Tom Hanks, who brings his LC Smith Corona-model typewriter everywhere. Check out the film California Typewriter for more reasons to love these machines.

Collect a Piece of History

People love collected antiques because each piece holds a memory. Some collectible pieces have lived many lives, passing through dozens of hands, before it reaches you. It’s romantic to think about who owned a collectible before you. What circumstances brought them to the typewriter and what drew them apart? Every typewriter has a story. Feel free to make one up.

Convenient Future Device

There’s a large number of people who believe typewriters will come back. Not as in come back in style – they never left. As the world becomes increasingly more digital, people crave the tangible. A typewriter is a physical piece of the world that offers a distraction-free place to type. It’s also a lot more eco-friendly. People see typewriters as a sustainable future that could outlive the technological age. They certainly have a longer lifetime than a lot of cellphone models.

Ready to start a collection yet? For more fun hobbies to indulge in, read more at the Mosaic Dallas blog